Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we trust that you will find the site informative and of interest, we welcome your comments, queries and social network postings.

2nd of May 2011, we celebrated 10 years of trading and we wish to thank our clients (past and present) and many of our contractors and suppliers who have gone the extra mile to ensure that our service and projects are a success.

Our main focus is still corporate clientele, yet our retail project work has steadily increased and we have had some good exposure over the last 12 months to various high profile fit-outs. Top of the list would have to be 8-ta (Telkom Mobile), in which we completed (within 3 months) 25 outlets (nationwide) in the construction of 3, and shopfitting of all todate (Jan 2011).

Sub-Saharan opportunities are still growing and we welcome these enquiries, we are looking to expand in various ways and we look for strategic ways in which we can assist and compliment professional teams locally and over the borders.
Hospitality work is something we aim to grow and we have some good contacts this side with whom we can partner with, to offer a very strong and competitive team, to enhance our services and increase our professionalism in a full Turnkey format.
Our 3-Dimensional offering has been a runaway success with our client base in assisting with the selling and understanding of our proposed concepts and we will be expanding this base further over the next 12 months.

Enjoy our site, and we hope to be of service to you some day soon.

Shaun Barron/Jason Brown