Members of Call Centre Management Group 
The CCMG is a new and exciting initiative, set up to grow, develop, mentor and transform the middle management layer of the contact centre industry. At the CCMG, contact centre professionals from across a vast number of industries gather for exceptional learning, peer-to-peer sharing, and to discover the latest technologies and solutions available to run their contact centres as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Sustainable Green Consulting
Sustainable Green Consulting offers Creative & Proven Environmental Solutions to all organisations, big or small. We implement and maintain various Green solutions to reduce costs through Energy, Water & Waste management to name a few while creating a better working environment. We provide continuous access to effective, leading-edge Eco-solutions that will bring about real-time sustainable change for your organisation and help you achieve the Triple Bottom Line namely ‘PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFITS’

We provide a specialised service to Turnkey Interiors, we have partnered with this progressive concern offering services aimed at making Interior Design & installation ‘Greener’ through the use of Green Star approved products & procedures. We also Audit and Certify projects. Contact Turnkey Interiors if you would like to explore this route for your next project or visit our website.


Attached details have been kindly supplied by Ergotherapy Solutions
Ergotherapy Solutions are a South African company supplying the only chair endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. The chair is also used and endorsed by the Green Building Council of South Africa due to its make-up and local origin.  Ergotherapy Solutions are one of only a few seating company’s that include within the sale; group as well as individual training on the chair, as well as workstation set-up and posture notes, offering practical ergonomics real to your working environment and modus operandi

Ergotherapy PDF Downloads

What is Ergonomics.pdf

Headaches and Neck Pain.pdf

Optimal Mouse and Keyboard Use.pdf

Your Body at Work.pdf