From total refurbishment, single office relocation, or complex nationwide roll-outs, Turnkey Interiors gives candid practical advice based on more than 12 years’ experience. We advise on chosen spaces in respect to layout, budget and quality of environment and help project an appropriate corporate image, ensuring spaces serve as proactive and energised environments.


As project managers, we are responsible for delivering on all requirements, on time, and within budget, including carrying out accurate test fit space plans to ensure correct size workspace for operational requirements. We manage the entire process from conceptualisation and space planning through to detailed interior design, costing, procurement and implementation.


We consider

• Demolition & construction

• Potential expansion

• Floors & finishes

• Electrical & plumbing

• Voice & data

• Ventilation, heating & air-conditioning

• Lighting & ceilings

• Existing & new furniture & joinery


We prepare

• Construction & manufacturing shop drawings

• Elevation, cross-section & specification documentation

• 3D Photo-quality area projection representations


We facilitate

• Technology & data cabling

• Automation

• Storage


We manage

• Contractor’s all-risk insurance

• Occupational health & safety compliance

• Council submissions

• Fire design


We collaborate with

• Architects & landscapers

• Mechanical & structural engineers

• Electrical & acoustic engineers


We also undertake

• Major restorations

• Modernisation of buildings & facades

• Transformations from residential to commercial & vice versa

• Space creation where none exists (e.g. designing atriums & mezzanines)



Retail design should be cutting edge, fresh and exciting while still meeting the conventions of retail environments. This includes maximising floor space, storage, lighting and product display. We’re experienced in both boutique and nationwide franchise installations.


We provide centre management with

• Detailed design submissions

• Overall intentions for the space

• Plans

• Shop front elevations

• Concept boards

• Finishes schedules

• Council approvals


Opportunities for Africa

Since 2003, we have designed, supplied & installed complete projects from within South Africa in


• Botswana

• Mozambique

• Namibia

• Swaziland

• Uganda

• Zimbabwe


These included

• Banks

• Hotels

• Retail outlets

• Restaurants

• Corporate head offices

• Call centres


As registered importers and exporters to and from South Africa, we offer complete supply services and oversee everything from container packaging to logistics. Our sample boards enable clients to determine whether products are available in their countries and, where necessary, we source products, labour and materials locally.



Turnkey Interiors ensures documentation is complete and accurate so that all parties are protected and understand what is required of them. We ensure that we and our subcontractors are compliant with legislation.


We insist on

• All site personnel being properly trained, medically fit & outfitted

• All equipment & tools being safe & well-maintained

• Overseeing safety briefings, meetings & inductions

• At least one person trained in first aid being on site

• Regular site visits by an independent safety consultant


We collect & keep on file

• Compensation Commission ‘good standing’ letters

• Labourers’ medical & training certificates & identity documents

• Electrical, plumbing & gas compliance certificates

• Supplier warranties

• Engineers’ & architects’ final drawings

• Council approvals


We are accredited

• CIDB rating of 6

• Green Building Council of South Africa member

• We work to OHSAS 18001 health & safety standards

• BBBEEE rated

Green in Every Colour Scheme

Protecting the environment is very important to us, and so our philosophy is simple: put back more than we take out. When clients share this philosophy, we are in a strong position to integrate green design principles. Simple practices can go a long way in saving natural resources (and impacting bottom lines).


We contribute by

• Using recycled, recyclable & sustainable material

• Selecting locally produced materials

• Choosing energy reducing lighting, water heating & reticulation systems

• Maximising natural light

• Fitting water saving devices

• Installing insulating geysers & roofs

• Employing infrared technology to deactivate lights & air conditioners in unoccupied areas

• Exploring ways to generate electricity & harvest rainwater

• Recycling unwanted items into local disadvantaged communities

• Disposing waste materials responsibly


Our search for processes and materials which lessen dependence on energy and water is ongoing. We observe international environmental trends in our quest for intelligent specifications and then use local content to ensure installations benefit from diminishing long-term footprints.